Foto mit Menschen in Indianerkleidung
© SKD, Foto: Gunter Jentzsch

Crow Fair - Powwow at Montana’s Crow Nation. Photographs by Gunter Jentzsch (Dresden)

Today, the Crow Nation (also called Absaroka) has their tribal homeland – the Crow Indian Reservation – in the US state of Montana. They were buffalo hunters in the 19th century and are counted among the Plains or Prairie Indians. Since 1904, they have regularly celebrated fairs, which are known as Crow Fairs and rank among the most important Powwos (collective celebration with dancing and chanting) of North America.

  • DATES 23/03/2013—09/06/2013


The exhibition conveys insights of four of the Powwos that were held between 1996 and 2006. Gunter Jentzsch’s photographs show the colourfulness of the dance and festive clothing, the pride and beauty of the dancers, parades with elaborately dressed horses as well as camp scenes from the “world’s tipi capital”.

Foto mit Menschen in Indianerkleidung
© SKD, Foto: Gunter Jentzsch
Teilnehmer der Crow Fair in Tanzkleidung

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