goldene Plastik von Shiva als König des Tanzes

From all over the World. New Acquisitions from 2010 to 2014 in the Ethnographical Museum Herrnhut

250 new acquisitions originate from all over the world. They became part of the collection of the Ethnographical Museum Herrnhut starting in 2010. Thanks to many friends of the museum a large number of new entries was donated. Several items could be purchased with the help of the Free State of Saxony and with financial support of the Society of Friends of the Ethnographical Museum Herrnhut e.V.

  • DATES 28/11/2014—22/02/2015


Important objects from the time of the Herrnhut mission belong to the new acquisitions. Among the items are five tobacco pipe bowls from the Eastern parts of North America that are from the Iroquois, Lenni-Lenape (Delaware) and neighboring tribes. These pipe bowls have been in Germany since the mid-18th century. The tsatsa (Buddhists amulets) were collected by the Herrnhut Ladakh missionary August Hermann Francke around 1900 and could be purchased by an auction. They now enrich the Western Tibet collection. At the suggestion of the museum, some people collected objects while travelling. In this way, proof of the artistic creations of the Kalmyk (South Russia), but also contemporary objects from the Caribbean and Suriname became part of the holdings. Vigo L. Glaß, who worked in the European diplomatic service, has left part of his collection to the museum since 1995. As instructed in his will, more objects, that he had collected, were handed over. Now, about 500 objects could have been marked as “Donation Glaß”.

goldene Plastik von Shiva als König des Tanzes
Plastik, Darstellung des Gottes Shiva als Nataraja (König des Tanzes), um 1950 Indien


The special exhibition shows the new acquisitions in a regional sequence. Sidelines talk of the different facets of the acquisitions and tell about the history and origin as well as about the uniqueness of the respective object.

eine Tabakpfeife in Form eines Vogels
Tabakpfeifenkopf in Form eines Vogels, um 1750

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