Ethnography and the Herrnhut Mission

in Völkerkundemuseum Herrnhut

ein Raum mit Exponaten
© SKD, Foto: Hans Christian Krass

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In 1732, the missionaries of the Moravian Church in Herrnhut began to bring back objects from their remote journeys, building in this way the founding collection of the Völkerkundemuseum Herrnhut.

Ethnography and the Herrnhut Mission

Among the highlights of the collection are Buddhist ritual objects from a temple yurt of West Mongolian Kalmyks in southern Russia – a rarity in European museums – as well as 36 ethnographical objects from the South Pacific and from the northwest American coast, which were collected during the third voyage of the English captain and explorer James Cook.

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Expeditions into the unknown

The missionary activity of the Protestant Moravian Church began in 1732, and evidence shows that the first ethnographical objects were collected by their missionaries in 1740.

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