ein runes Versammlungshaus aus Holz mit Strohdach
© SKD, Foto: Regine Hempel

Suriname. Sketches from an unknown land. Photographs, Films and Objects by Regine Hempel

Suriname, formerly known as Dutch Guiana, is one of the lesser known countries of the world. In this region Missionaries from Herrnhut had already started to preach the gospel in 1735. They first went to the Indian peoples like the Arawak and Caribbean and later they approached the African-American slaves, the so-called Creoles. After the mid-18th century, they extended their preaching to the Marrons, who were runaway slaves from the country’s heartland. Giving proof of different cultures several collectibles came to Herrnhut, where they are widely displayed in the permanent exhibition today.

  • DATES 05/07/2013—03/11/2013


On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the emancipation of the slaves in Suriname, this special exhibition will introduce the country’s present with its different ethnic groups. Regine Hempel traveled to Suriname a number of times and always walked in the footsteps of the Herrnhut missionaries.

ein Holzhaus mit verziertem Giebel
© SKD, Foto: Regine Hempel
Marron-Haus mit verziertem Giebel

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