Ansicht eines Fjord im Herbst
© Copyright und Foto: Dirk Steudner

Landscape in Light. Pictures by Dirk Steudner

Nature with all its facets is the basis of existence for the human race. Dirk Steudner, born in 1978, has been interested in nature since his early youth and has tried to capture its diversity. He uses an analogue single-lens reflex camera and still does not finish his pictures digitally. Following his maxim, there is an ideal lighting for every landscape, a brilliant play of colours, a perfect combination of light and shadow – one of a million possibilities where nothing needs to be added. This ideal lighting seldom occurs when the photographer needs it. Time and patience are therefore necessary attributes to any landscape photographer.

  • DATES 08/10/2015—10/01/2016


From the stormy vastness of Swedish Lapland, the icy glaciers of Iceland and the picturesque natural beauties of the Balkan Mountain to the mysteriously befogged landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the exhibition shows beautiful, intact landscapes that are magically lit.

Berge in Island mit aufziehendem Gewitter
© Copyright und Foto: Dirk Steudner
Dirk Steudner, Aufziehendes Gewitter, Landmannalaugar, Island


Dirk Steudner, who previously exhibited his works in Löbau, Zittau, Hoyerswerda and Görlitz wants to contribute to the protection and preservation of nature: “My aim is to show with these pictures that nature in all its beauty is vulnerable and has to consciously be preserved.”

schwedische Landschaft mit Abendsonne
© Copyright und Foto: Dirk Steudner
Dirk Steudner, Abendsonne über dem Virihaure Schweden

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